Maxim Real Estate Group Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been in business:

A: Since 2014. We have many top agents who would be happy to give us a recommendation.

Q: Do you provide training for new agents?

A: We don’t provide in-house training, but we can refer you to continuing education courses that can help. Once you join the Realtors Association you will have access to Zipforms and the Advisor and Training modules for certain forms. Our system does work best for at least semi-experienced agents, but it is possible to do well as a newbie.

Q: Is your broker fee always $299? What if I sell a multi-million dollar house?

A: Yes! It doesn't matter if the home is $100,000 or $30 million, our fee is $299. If you earn a commission $1500 or less, we lower our fee to 10%.

Q: I have a friend who might like to join, do you have a referral program?

A: Yes! If your referral joins you receive $99 credit to your account.

Q: Do you have an in house lender?

A: Yes, and if your buyer uses us for financing we will waive one monthly fee of $99.

Q: What if I decide to move to a different brokerage?

A: Our office is easy exit, we want to be in business with those that want to be in business with us! Therefore we believe we should have a policy making it as easy as possible if you decide to leave. Your listings belong to you and if requested will be released to your new broker.

Q: Do I need to be near your main office in Orange County?

A: No, you can be anywhere in California. Everything is done virtually.

Q: What other benefits do you offer?

A: As our company grows in size we will continue to look for new added values, such as marketing, websites, conference room usage, and any other helpful suggestions we receive from our agents. We want you to be as happy as possible with our company, so that we have a business partnership that lasts for many years.

Q: What about signs and business cards?

A: You have freedom in choosing your marketing items as long as they are approved by the office, and comply with DRE guidelines. We do have templates for both signs and business cards if you wish to use our suggestions. We keep our office fees low by having the agents handle their own cards and signs.

Q: Do you have in house escrow?

A: Not at this time, but that is currently under consideration as an added benefit.

Q: Can I speak to the broker?

A: Absolutely! Call or text the mobile number for our broker, 714-313-0924.

Q: What happens when I close an escrow?

A: You will notify the transaction reviewer that a deal is closing. The file will be reviewed for completeness, and you will sign a commission distribution form indicating how to make out your check. Once we have a complete file your check is disbursed from escrow.

Q: How do I notify the office when I sign a listing or sale?

A: You click the File Notification tab on this website and fill out the form.

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